Fixing Your Credit All on Your Own — It IS Possible

Sounds like a dream, right? — What with all the scams out there, credit repair companies charging an arm and a leg just to send a few letters to the credit bureaus. Here’s the honest truth:


That’s where to start. Get your full credit reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, and you’re literally halfway there. You can actually get your reports for free once a year, so you’re not even spending anything out of pocket just to fix your own credit.

Now why would you want to just see your credit reports? It’s simple. Statistically chances are pretty decent that you might find errors within your score, through no fault of anyone. Anything wrong on the report — whether it’s an old item, which never got removed, or an item you don’t recognize due to identity theft — you can legally dispute. In fact, it’s a priority!

It’s actually very easy to dispute errors, only requiring short one-page letters detailing the specific errors in question. Send one letter to each bureau, and each bureau has 30 days to respond. If they don’t…. The supposed item on your report will automatically be removed. Just like that.

Here’s the contact info you’ll need for each bureau:

  • Experian: 1-888-397-3742,
  • TransUnion: 1-800-916-8800,
  • Equifax: 800-685-1111,

credit score-2Don’t Stop There, Though, With Repairing Your Own Credit

Even after eliminating negatives, you should still, quote, stop the bleeding. There’s a reason why the credit scores went down. Take a look at your finances and make sure you’re keeping your head above water. Pay your bills on time. Pay down your debt. Don’t apply for more credit at all.

Budget, budget, budget.

There is no quick fix at all…. But the good news is that without paying a fee for anyone to do it, you can do this all on your own. Get your credit reports, dispute negatives, pay down any debts you have, pay your bills on your time.

And the Guarantee Is You’ll Fix Your Credit in No Time

That’s something we can get behind. For more pointers, you’ll need to contact the H.O.P.E. Program as well. It’s completely free to join our program, and we can help you get to the scores you want as well!