Real Estate Market Update: Second Half of 2018 Will See Housing Shortage End!

Extremely good news, don’t you think? Not that the so-called ‘bad news’ we’ve been experiencing was technically so horrible. Yes, the housing shortage was a bit of a downer for our real estate market, but as we mentioned before — it’s a typical real estate trend, completely natural, no need to panic.

The Better News Is Apparently Ambitious Home Development Will Squash That Home Shortage as Soon as the Second Half of 2018

So be patient. The first half of 2018 might be a bit challenging for prospective home buying-2home buyers, but stick it out — because come June this market will see the first net inventory gain of new homes since 2015.

Look for markets in Boston, Detroit, and Nashville to get the biggest boom once that inventory comes around, and it’s all thanks to, yes, serious bullish construction wanting to propel that industry forward. Because, yes, those home builders need to make money somehow, right? Way better than constantly shuffling people around in existing homes thanks to the record housing shortage dips.

The only downside to this coming trend is that home inventory relief will only at first hit the upper tiers, making their way down the lower end. This means if you’re looking for that ideal starter home somewhere around in June, you might still have some trouble. Expect price ranges for those new homes to hit the $350K and up range, but at the very least you’ll see home prices slow down to just 3.2% each and every year.

In Other Words, If You’re Looking for the Mid-price to Starter Home, Expect the Market to Get Just a Little Harder Before It Gets Better

Thankfully, that’s really not a bad thing. That’s just how the market trends work. And the good news is this: that’s how a healthy real estate market works. Things are looking up. Which is why you really should get in on the H.O.P.E. Program right now and start working toward your dream.


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